For minority and women supplier diversity business entrepreneurs

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Change Agent By Lisa Kelly Leigh
Michelle Matthews partners with clients to help
them make difficult decisions.

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Franchise World By Kendal H. Tyre, Jr. and Diana Vilmenay-Hammond
A burgeoning middle class spurs franchise investment inAfrica.

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What’s Next By Cyril Jones and Gregory Ficklin
Growth capital can help mature businesses take the next step.

L.A. Influential By Marlene Gomez
SCMSDC dedicates nearly 40 years to promoting Southern California’s minority businesses.

Entrepreneur U By Amy Elizabeth Goudy
NACCE encourages the inclusion of entrepreneurial coursework in community colleges worldwide.

Access Denied? By Robin Billups
The first step in winning access to capital is a good relationship with your bank.

Eye on Washington By Kimberly Atkins
Legislators look for new ways to close minority entrepreneurs’ wealth gap.

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