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Change. It has been a year full of changes here for MBE magazine.

New look. Check. New programming. Check. New social media channels and media offerings. Check and check. Now, we have one more for the new year. Format.

In January 2016, MBE magazine will become a quarterly magazine that will pack more quality content and a wider distribution per issue than previously seen. Consequently, in preparation for this move, our September/October 2015 Anniversary Issue will be the last issue for 2015.

This is a decision that has been a long time coming but with all the hoopla over the new cover design, the 30th Anniversary celebration, and the WBEs Who Rock! Awards (the MBEs Who Rock! are coming soon), we thought it best to hold off on this change until the dust settled. Of course, the dust is still settling but we must move on. So here we are.

So, why this change? It is no secret that print is becoming more and more expensive. Postage continues to rise at an alarming rate. Ink, which is a bi-product of oil, continues to climb. Paper, well, don’t get me started. Rising freight prices has negatively impacted how we deliver to the events and conferences where our advertising and editorial supporters expect to be seen.

However, change is good. Each issue will be larger as we anticipate a wider, deeper distribution which will in turn draw more advertising support and result in our being able to present additional quality content. We will also be adding features to our online and social media offerings that will enhance the magazine experience. So, basically, quality over quantity, or (perhaps more accurately) quality and some quantity over frequency.

Of course, there will be some consequences. Our advertising rates will increase. [A little known fact: Our advertising rates have not increased in almost 10 years!] And, our subscription rates will also increase. These will be more in line with the industry standards, although we understand tightening budgets and will work to provide added value for your additional spend. The new rates will take effect January 1, 2016. Advertisers and subscribers may take advantage of the old rates by ordering prior to December 15, 2015.

The details? Well, as they say, the devil is in it. As the months unfold, we will be keeping you updated via our social media outlets and monthly eNewsletter. If you are not already a subscriber to our eNewsletter and would like to be added to our list, I invite you to send your request to

In the meantime, I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who celebrated our 30th Anniversary with us all year. From the sponsors, without whom it would not have been possible, to our MWBE vendors, readers, and our incredible staff, THANK YOU!


Publisher's Page

One Wild Ride By Tanya Isley
Sandra James navigated the rough waters of economic upheaval to reach safe harbor.

Schooled in Diversity By Patricia Andrews Keenan
Diversity Symposium serves as a template for other institutions' diversity efforts.

Enhanced Performance By Tanya Isley
APU helps former NFL player finds his niche in entrepreneurship.

Serious About Sustainability By Barbara Wichmann
Sustainability, diversity, and suppliers: Closing the Gaps.

MBE Magazine's 30th Anniversary Experience

Corporate Strategies: Aflac By Wassel Lewis
Insuring diversity.

Corporate Plus Strategies: Urban Risk Solutions By Tanya Isley
ACA as a strategic advantage.

Global Connections: Seizing the 21st Century By Dr John Akhile, Sr.
African countries must switch from consumers to producers.

Op-Ed: FundWell By Chinwe Oyeagoro
Matching lenders and entrepreneurs.

Stepping into the Limelight By Tanya Isley
Dynamic entrepreneur and gifted speaker,Clifford A. Bailey steps onto the national stage.

State of the State
A look at the state of diversity in Ohio.

Global Connections: WEConnect International
in Latin America
By Liz Cullen Whitehead
WeConnect promoting economic growth among women-owned businesses in Latin America.

Global Connections: Partnering for Growth By John Akhile, Sr.
Bridging the chasm between African-America and Africa.

Partnering With PrimesBy Judy Bradt
Getting beyond the Meet and Greet.

Diversity & Inclusion: Pipelines and Pathways By Mike Green
The call for an inclusive STEAM-powered innovation economy drives opportunities for underrepresented communities.

Different Drummers: 30th Anniversary Supplier Spotlight By Carolyn Muse-Grant
Sterling Henton of Rev It Up, LLC and Patrick Smith of Smith Entertainment.

Real Talk By Akia Garnett
Today’s leadership equals self-empowerment.

Serious About Sustainability By Barbara Wichmann
Top sustainability trends for 2015.

Workforce Diversity: Striking the Right Note By Noreen King
Creating a harmonious cross-cultural workforce.

Printing Money By Tanya Isley
Gary Stiffler has grown his company to be the largest minority-owned printing firm in the U.S. by investing in technology and people.

State of the State
A look at the state of diversity in the Greater New England region.

Global Connections: Certification Growth
By Susan Baka
Chinese in vanguard of entrepreneurship in Canada.

Global ConnectionsBy Elizabeth A. Vazquez
Growing women-owned businesses in India and beyond.

Corporate Strategies: Southern California Gas Company By Anne Silva
Breaking records.

Different Drummers: Parle Innovation By David Garcia
Building success from the ground up.

Real Talk By Max Rutherford and Ayeshia Toy
Advocacy: Revolutionizing the Advertising Industry.

Advertorial: Johnson & Johnson
Today’s leadership equals self-empowerment.

Serious about Sustainability By Barbara Wichmann
20 years in the business: Celebrating sustainably!

Diversity & Inclusion: Back to the Future By Dorien Nunez
Untapped markets and business opportunities in STEM fields.

OpEd: Paygevity By Susan Phillips Bari
Disrupting outdated payment protocols.

OpEd: Ruiz Strategies By Michele Ruiz
It’s a real-time world.

Workforce Diversity: Harnessing the Power of Decision-Making By Noreen King
The working mom’s guide to leading the life you want.

Corporate Strategies: CVS Health/Light Speed By Tanya Isley
Readying suppliers faster.

Eye on Washington: Small Business Outlook 2015 By Cameron Asgarian

Different Drummers: 30th Anniversary Supplier Spotlight By Charmain Lewis
Louise Parker of Blade Inc.

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Mission Accomplished by Tanya Isley
Rudy Uribe fulfills the call to recruit and place fellow military veterans.

State of the State
A look at the state of diversity in Texas.

Corporate Strategies:
Southeastern Grocers
by Ryan Hamilton
Favoring local flavors.

Workforce Diversity: Cultural Intelligence
in Recruiting
by Gerry Fernandez
Effective strategies for recruiting top talent in a multicultural multigenerational marketplace.

Corporate Strategies: C.H. Robinson
by Alice Gordon
Logistical Successes.

Different Drummers: Heart & Soul
by Carolyn Muse-Grant
Patricia Curry of MAZAL Nursing.

Honoring WBEs Who Rock
MBE magazine recognizes 14 WBEs who are pursuing excellence.

Different Drummers: 30th Anniversary Supplier Spotlight by Charmain Lewis
Dana Hali of CeteraMarketing.

Serious About Sustainability by Barbara Wichmann
Sustainability and the supply chain imperative.

Real Talk by David Feldman
Changing the game for the better.

Different Drummers:
30th Anniversary Supplier Spotlight

by Charmain Lewis
Dot Ward of Dot Ward Photography.

Global Connections:
Government for Women Business Enterprises

by Susan Baka
Supplier Diversity Roundtable spurs government action for women in Canada.

Conference Roundup:
WBENC National Conference and Business Fair

by Charmain Lewis


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