For minority and women supplier diversity business entrepreneurs

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Despite a sometimes weak and hostile economy, American Express's 2013 State of Women Owned Business Report concludes that from 1997 to 2013, the number of women-owned companies increased by 59 percent, while revenues from those companies grew by 63 percent. Despite the odds, women business enterprises (WBEs) continue to be growing, sustainable and profitable businesses...

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MBE Resource Center

MBE's Business Opportunities resource covers business-related financing, consulting, and programs available for the Supplier Diversity community and M/WBEs. Updated monthly.


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MBE's M/WBE Resource Directory is a comprehensive list of resource organizations (including links) that support the Supplier Diversity community and M/WBEs.


Refer to MBE's Acronyms & Terminology list for frequently used acronyms and terminology and an overview of the major organizations supporting the Supplier Diversity community.


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