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Ginger Conrad

There's a whole lot of somethin' goin' on... and not much of it is good. Nobody seems to have a clear idea where we'll end up in November after the election - even though both parties are claiming a clear path to victory. We'll see.

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Of importance to us business owners are the same issues that concern most citizens - healthcare, the economy, bank failures, job losses, and the real estate market. And, of course, as corporate America is affected by all of this, and most of them are reeling in the expenditures and slashing budgets in broad swaths, this affects all of us.

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Just two weeks ago, I went to a political fundraiser for several women from across the country who are running for Congress. They gathered in Los Angeles for a meet-and-greet luncheon with some local dignitaries and supporters. Each of them was young, passionate, and articulate. Each had a special cause that was her impetus to join the race; some were tackling long-time, well-entrenched, and wealthy incumbents. I commend these women who are taking their commitments on the road. Some of them have never held a public office, have toddlers at home, and own businesses. Well, if you want something done, just ask a busy person.

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All this is a lead-in to what you and I must do to make a difference. Communicate. Now I realize I always have plenty to say, even when it's much about nothing, but now we need to step up our game and communicate with our representatives at the local, county, state, and national level. Whether we speak as a group, an organization, as business owners, or individuals, we must speak up. The time is at hand, and we need to be clear about what we think our legislators must do to get this economy, and this country, back on track. And while we're at it, don't forget to mention how important programs like 8(a), MED Week, and SBA-guaranteed loans are to our survival.

Each of our voices translates to a vote. Believe me, with the election just around the corner, every vote counts, and every voice needs to be heard.

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