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If you’re looking to grow your client base and boost your revenue, it’s a good idea to invest in advertising to build awareness of your brand among a larger audience.

Advertising must work with other marketing tools and business elements to be successful. However, there is no denying that it is an effective medium for business growth and success.

Many diverse businesses operate on tight budgets and rarely put money aside for advertising. However, advertising is what gives them an edge over others in today’s competitive market. If you own a business, you should not only advertise it but also make it a top priority and try to understand the importance and benefits of advertising for your business.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons advertising is essential for your business.

  1. Increases Your Business Credibility
  2. Advertising shows your customers AND competitors that you’re credible, and you believe in your brand to satisfy the customer’s needs. It can attract customers to try out your products or services regardless of the economy. You may have excellent products or services, but if you don’t create a brand image, it will be hard for customers to find a reason to come to you and remain loyal.
  3. Helps You Reach Your Target Customers
  4. One of the benefits of paid advertising is that some sites such as Facebook and Google have algorithms that enable your ads to reach your target market. For example, if you’re selling trendy sneakers, the ads will go to the younger population more often. Since you pay per click, the sites will have an incentive to show the ads to people who are likely to show interest in your brand. They accomplish this using data that they already have, such as location, demographics, and interests of your audience. You can also remarket your services and products to people who had previously shown interest in them.
  5. Helps Keep Your Customers Up to Date
  6. If you want to launch a new product or convey new information to your customers, advertisements come in handy. You can use advertisements for your business to alert customers about changes in your services, new products, upcoming events, new members of your team or leadership changes, and, of course, sales.
  7. Increase Brand Awareness
  8. Advertising keeps your business top of mind, so customers think of it when they require a service or product. This is especially good for service businesses such as training, legal, or financial services. However, any business can benefit.
  9. Improve Brand Image
  10. For businesses that are suffering from an outdated or poor perception, advertising can transform public opinion creating a more favorable impression. For example, advertising can make people aware of your company’s expanded capabilities or offerings.
  11. Expand the Power of Word of Mouth
  12. Advertising can help jumpstart and amplify word of mouth. According to an RRD survey of 1,000 consumers, 55% learn about products through word of mouth. 40% made purchases based on those recommendations. 28% would rather use word of mouth than any other form of discovery. But what if you could drive the word of mouth sharing by your customers even higher? The more new customers you get through advertising, the more happy customers you will have to share word of mouth praise about your business!
  13. Get Traffic to Your Web Site
  14. For online businesses, advertising can attract people to a landing page where you can convert the visitor into a customer. You can use search engine or display ads to target a specific market or audience, including ads in social media or ad networks.
  15. Generate Leads
  16. For B2B businesses, advertising can fill your sales funnel and help you get more leads for your sales force to follow up on. Online ads, in particular, are a highly effective way to generate leads because you’re able to collect and access so much information about your customers when they interact with you online.
  17. Stand Out from the Competition
  18. For businesses in crowded markets, advertising can set your brand apart. Most people constantly capture visual impressions, both consciously and subconsciously. The visual aspect often makes for deeper and/or longer lasting impressions than words themselves. A well-designed advertising campaign will make you will stand out in the crowd and make sure your potential participants remember you.
  19. Boost Thought Leadership or Industry Profile
  20. If you want to be known for your expertise, advertising can help. Native ads can promote your content demonstrating your expertise and building your reputation as a thought leader. Sponsoring content that features expertise also raises your profile and helps attract industry partners.
Setting money aside for advertising may look extravagant from a small business point of view, but the benefits you will reap will make it worthwhile. It not only gives you more sales, but it’s an opportunity for you to create a good reputation for your business. In this case, you have to spend money to make money.
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