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As a college student in India, Hiten Patel knew that he wanted to go into business for himself. "I wanted to do something where I could make an impact and feel the impact of the work that I did," he says. "[That desire] was there from my college days." Even though he wanted to be an entrepreneur, he didn't realize his dream immediately.  

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The Pacific Northwest is a haven for innovation and agriculture, but you rarely hear about the intersections thereof. Nutriom founder and CEO Hernan Etcheto would like to change that-and he's well on his way.

Argentina-born Etcheto has revolutionized something as simple as the egg with food science-and entrepreneurial zeal. Nutriom produces egg crystals that mark a significant improvement over traditional powdered eggs. 

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Major financial institutions in Canada have had a strong focus on diversity and inclusion for the last several years, both in terms of workforce and supplier diversity. "The banks are definitely forward within their industry sector and showing distinct leadership in the world of supplier diversity," says Cassandra Dorrington, president of the Canadian Aboriginal and Minority Supplier Council (CAMSC), which counts the majority of Canadian banks in its membership base.

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For a city of close to 70,000 residents, there was only one private hospital serving Atlanta in the 1890s. There was no municipal hospital. And there were no facilities that would treat the city's underserved communities. All that changed on June 1, 1892 with the opening of Grady Memorial Hospital, named for Henry W. Grady, former editor of the Atlanta Constitution, who was among the earliest and most forceful advocates for a public hospital in Atlanta.

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image Going All In
image The Incredible Edible
image Banking on Diversity
image Healthy Economics

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I had the pleasure of speaking with a young woman from one of the Eastern European countries earlier this month. She told me of her start in business. She came to the U.S. as an adult, having no knowledge of English. The only job she could find was at the 7-Eleven. But this was not her American Dream. She worked hard to learn the language but still could not find a job that satisfied that dream





Carter Brothers, co-owned by John and his brother, NFL Hall of Famer Cris Carter, has successfully acquired ownership of D&N Electric Company to become one of the largest minority-owned electrical services companies in the Southeast. The company will become part of the portfolio of Carter Brothers, where Cris is chairman, and John is president and CEO...

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Master Your Brand

Harness Your Vision to Change the World

My clients are chief executive officers, company presidents and founders-the top visionaries in their enterprises. As a result of working with them and running my own business, I have a 50,000-foot picture of the economy on any given day...

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Advertising firm Lopez Marketing Group (LMG) is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. With offices in Dallas, Houston, El Paso and New York, LMG provides its clients with a comprehensive range of integrated Hispanic marketing services, including Hispanic PR, community and consumer engagement, advertising, marketing, social media and brand awareness...

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In Brief

Las Vegas, with the help of the Small Business Administration's Surety Bond Guarantee Program awarded more than $1.2 billion in contracts to small construction firms in fiscal year 2013. This number represents a 61 percent increase over fiscal year 2012... 



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