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A black man in a cream suit with a royal blue plaid tie smiling and looking at the camera.

Ty Cohen Shows Entrepreneurs How To Supplement Their Income

Digital publishing can create additional income streams. Without question, we’re living in the land of…

By Roz A. Gee,
An older Black couple sitting at a kitchen table holding wine glasses.

Brown family celebrates 25 years as Napa Valley’s only black-owned vineyard

Two doctors shopped for a summer home 40 years ago. Now their children oversee more than 20 employees at the…

By Dan Holly,
Multicolor logo of TruFund Financial Services

TruFund Launches $5 Million COVID-19 Relief Fund To Support Disadvantaged Minority And Women Owned Businesses

NEW YORK — TruFund Financial Services, Inc. launches a $5 million small business emergency relief…

By MBE Magazine Staff,
Photo of germs representing coronavirus and small businesses

Businesses and Coronavirus: Steps for BIPOC-Owned Businesses During COVID-19

As the world follows daily news on the coronavirus, we continue to have conversations around how to better…

By MBE Magazine Staff,
Black woman standing up in boardroom talking to seated group of black women.

10 Ways to Support Black Entrepreneurship

At the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), our role is to support entrepreneurs in achieving their…

By Michael Vallante,
Designer Kenny Westray holding a glass.

“We Are One” Clothing Designer Overcomes Death—Twice—to Build Athletic Brand Worn by NBA Stars

Kenny Westray started out selling his clothing line out of the trunk of his car. Now more than 200 NBA…

By Curtis Bunn,
Marvina Robinson holding a bottle of champagne in front of racks of champagne bottles.

Grit and Ambition Fuel Brooklyn Woman’s Quest to Make French Champagne for Americans

Marvina Robinson overcame a language barrier and stretched $60,000 of her own money to cover the cost of…

By Curtis Bunn,
Photo of germs representing coronavirus and small businesses

COVID-19: Managing Stress and Anxiety During Crisis and Uncertainty

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, we are creating content to help our readers navigate through the…

By Tanya Isley,
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