Episode 19 – Alleson Tate Wants to Ensure Minority Business Owners Build Generational Wealth

MBE Magazine Staff

Alleson Tate, a certified financial planner and the founder and owner of Avere Wealth Management in the Atlanta area, is joining the MBE magazine team as a financial content contributor. Alles will provide financial content to help you do better business in our print magazine, our website, here on Diversity Discourse, and in a dedicated newsletter.

In this episode, Alleson talks about what she has planned for this year and how she helps business owners with their financial issues.

Show Notes


Alleson Tate shares her journey from learning delayed gratification as a child to becoming a financial advisor. She emphasizes the importance of life insurance and the need for financial planning to achieve goals. Alleson also discusses the challenges faced by business owners, including taxes and retirement savings. She highlights the significance of liability insurance and the need for buy-sell agreements and key man insurance. Alleson encourages entrepreneurs to release the scarcity mindset and focus on building generational wealth.


Delayed gratification is a valuable lesson that can lead to financial success.
Life insurance is essential for protecting loved ones and ensuring a secure financial future.
Business owners should prioritize tax planning, retirement savings, and securing generational wealth.
Liability insurance, buy-sell agreements, and key man insurance are crucial for protecting businesses and maintaining continuity.


00:00 Introduction and Childhood Lessons
02:14 Realization of the Importance of Life Insurance
03:19 Helping Friends with Financial Challenges
04:13 Learning from Wealthy Individuals
06:00 Transitioning to Financial Planning
07:25 Supporting Clients in Career Transitions
09:17 Empowering Black Women in Wealth Building
10:47 The Impact of Taxes on Business Owners
13:05 Preparing for Tax Season
15:10 Key Financial Concerns for Business Owners
17:49 Importance of Liability Insurance
20:15 Buy-Sell Agreements and Key Man Insurance
22:30 Releasing the Scarcity Mindset and Building Wealth
23:47 Closing Remarks and Contact Information




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