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Danielle Dietrich is one of only a few attorneys in the U.S. who helps MWBEs navigate certification and legal matters.

When certified women and diverse businesses owners run into issues with their certifications, such as a denial, a certification review, or a proposal to remove their certification, they’re often confused on how to resolve them. Those are situations in which they need Danielle Dietrich.

Danielle Dietrich is committed to quickly responding to her clients’ certification and legal needs.

Dietrich, an attorney and shareholder at Strassburger McKenna Gutnick & Gefsky in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, focuses on helping women and diverse-owned businesses navigate the legal issues around certifications, such as disadvantaged business enterprise (DBE) through the U.S. Department of Transportation, minority business enterprise (MBE), and women business enterprise (WBE). This includes reviewing applications, handling appeals to state agencies and the U.S. Department of Transportation, and advising on decertification proceedings.

Many women and diverse-owned businesses rely on their certifications to secure contracts with larger companies and government agencies so they can grow their businesses. Losing that work could put their businesses into jeopardy, force layoffs, and potentially lead to having to close the businesses. 

“For women and diverse-owned businesses, obtaining and/or maintaining a certification allows you access to many opportunities and jobs that otherwise would not have been available to you. Having and utilizing these certifications can increase a company’s revenue significantly,” Dietrich says.

As one of only a few attorneys in the country who focuses on these issues, Dietrich knows and understands the certification rules and regulations as well as the urgency and importance of these situations. 

“I can quickly identify issues and guide your business on how to navigate those them so as to minimize the ramifications. This saves you time and money because when you hire an attorney with experience in an area like I have, we can complete tasks much more efficiently than someone who has to get up to speed and learn the rules and regulations.”

Her deep experience allows her to quickly jump in and work with clients to battle the crisis at hand and resolve those issues before anything detrimental happens.

“I provide the in-depth knowledge of the certification rules, regulations, and processes while the client provides their knowledge of their business. Together, we develop and execute a plan to obtain or preserve the necessary certification,” she says.

Dietrich functions as “outside general counsel” for businesses not large enough to require their own full-time attorney, but who still have a variety of legal needs. She assists with contract matters, intellectual property issues, collections, employment, and corporate governance and growth.

Her successful work for her clients has been recognized and rewarded by her peers and others. Most recently, in 2022, she received the Carol Los Mansmann Helping Hand Award from the Women in Law Division of the Allegheny County Bar Association. As the Division’s highest honor, it is awarded to an individual dedicated to advancing and improving women lawyers’ roles in the legal profession.

Personally, Dietrich prides herself on her commitment to quickly responding to her clients’ needs.

“When you contact me, you don’t have to chase me down. I’ve had to hire professional services providers myself and nothing frustrates me more than chasing after someone to do the job that I hired them to do. That won’t be your experience with me. I will respond to your questions and needs promptly and efficiently,” she says.

For women and diverse business owners who are looking to get certified or having issues maintaining their certification or encountered any legal problems with their certification, Danielle Dietrich stands ready to quickly step in to guide them. 

“I’ll work with you to resolve any issues you’re having so you can focus on operating and growing your business.”

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