Dealing with Your Business Competition

Stanley Popovich
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It can be difficult to remain competitive in today’s business world. Know­ing who you’re going up against and knowing what to do can make the difference between success and failure. 

To help you traverse this path more successfully, here are six tips on how to handle the competition and have a successful business. 

1. KNOW WHO YOU ARE COMPETING AGAINST. The first step is to know who your competitors are and how they run their businesses. You could hire a consultant or do the research yourself. Regardless of your approach, you need to identify who you’re going up against. 

2. GET ALL THE DETAILS. Do not assume anything about your competition. In your research, learn how your competitors manage their companies and determine their strengths and weaknesses. Don’t rely on exaggerated claims or unreliable business reports regarding your competition. 

3. ASK A LOT OF QUESTIONS. Get into the habit of asking questions regarding the companies you are competing against. You can ask your network of friends or people in the industry why a certain person or company is so successful. It is also a good idea to have various business presentations at your company in order to gain a better insight to your business competition. 

4. DON’T GET TOO CONFIDENT. Some people may feel that they don’t need to focus on their com­petition because they are already successful. This is a mistake because success does not always last. Things can change with lightning speed and you don’t want to be caught off guard. 

Always strive to be better and do not settle for being average when it comes to your company. Re­gardless of how successful you may be, find ways to improve your business operations. Continue to find ways to be more productive and efficient when managing employees and attaining your busi­ness objectives.

5. ALWAYS BE UNPREDICTABLE. One of the ways to be successful is to be unpre­dictable. Always keep your competitors guessing what you are going to do re­garding your business. Keep your com­petition off balance and don’t let them predict your routines. It always pays to be different and unique when managing your company.

Managing your organization involves a series of ongoing decisions. Don’t put off important decisions, and don’t wor­ry about your past mistakes—just keep focusing on what is best for your compa­ny. To determine the best outcome for your organization, always listen to your customer needs and have your finances and expenses organized. If your company is going in the wrong direction, then you need to re-evaluate how you run your business. 

6. NEVER GET GREEDY. Some successful business professionals can become greedy and end up losing everything. Monitor your successes and take things one step at a time. Follow your compa­ny’s objectives and don’t assume that your success will continue to last. 

Do everything in moderation when managing your company through good times and bad. Yes, things will happen that will take everyone by surprise. Be flexible and when unexpected events happen, learn to deal with them immediately. Don’t put off things that you can do today and never underestimate your competition.




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