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Christina Ross
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As digital technology has changed the way businesses operate, digital marketing has become a key component of how they create brand awareness, generate leads, and get customers. For small business owners it’s an even greater way to get more out of their marketing dollars than with traditional print marketing and advertising. To get the best results, it’s important to understand digital marketing and keep up with digital marketing trends. Learn how you can take advantage of digital technology with these top tips.

  1. Create a Facebook Page and Join Facebook Groups Relevant to Your Business

Due to the way Facebook groups function, they create a level of engagement and interaction not found in standard comment sections or other social media platforms. Facebook groups provide extra value for customers where they feel as if they are in on the most up-to-date information about your company and have a direct line of communication should they need it. These groups can act as a testing ground, can easily track brand growth and creates a sense of community for your customers/ audience where they feel as if they have a part in the brand especially if the group requires you to accept invitations. 

Based on the Facebook algorithm the posts in a group will appear higher on a person’s newsfeed therefore everything posted in a group will be seen and those in business group pages will see those posts first. Having a Facebook group essentially “beats” the algorithm. 

  1. Create a LinkedIn Company Page and Join LinkedIn Groups Relevant to Your Business

Facebook and LinkedIn groups offer a higher degree of interaction and engagement than other social media platforms, therefore creating a sense of community. By connecting with relevant LinkedIn pages, this increases reputability by demonstrating your brand is part of a broader community your business represents. By aligning with the right brands and having them follow you back, it increases your online credibility. 

Both Facebook and LinkedIn are platforms where basic communications campaigns can take place. You can create challenges, take surveys, test ideas, and put out thoughtful content that positions your business as an expert source in turn building your brand portfolio and reputability. 

For example, if your business often does surveys and then puts out products or betters service based on this, your brand loyalty and trust in your brand will increase. People want to buy into companies that value their opinion and align with their own goals, if your company uses LinkedIn well, this can be reflective of that brand success.

  1. Collect Data

Use sign-up forms and collect names and email addresses of your customers. A basic marketing staple is tailoring messages to your demographics. In understanding your audience, who they are, and their background, messages can be tailored to suit their interests.

Additionally, by creating basic mailing lists you will ensure your customers are as up to date with information about your company as possible. Plus, you can tailor content to each list based on basic demographic or regional information. 

You can often find demographic information from Facebook Ads as the app tracks basic demographic and psychographic information about its users and then uses it for ad targeting. 

  1. Send Emails

By using these lists to effectively email market, without spamming your customers it keeps your business top of mind for your clients. Emails are a great way to spread news and share information to your customers without necessarily “selling” them on anything.” Use those lists your collected to send emails to your customers. You should plan one Email Newsletter every month that is sent to your customer base. Email campaigns are a great way to stay engaged with your clients.

Make sure your email campaigns reflect who your business is at that time and your goals. For instance, if you’re a clothing brand releasing a new line, ensure the email surrounds that and the lines goals and objectives. 

  1. Blogs 

At least once a month create a new blog post on your website.  You can then take that content and share it on your Facebook and LinkedIn pages and even include it in your next email newsletter. Blogs are also a way of providing free and engaging information to your audiences that is interesting but not necessarily a sales tool directly. For instance, a beauty brand could blog about the newest make-up trends without selling product. Any engagement on your content is beneficial for your brand as it keeps your business top of mind and subconsciously makes people think of you when certain topics come up. So, when someone is shopping for new makeup they’ll think back to your article. It’s basic psychology.

  1. Consistency is Key

In all your digital marketing efforts, make sure your brand, logo, colors and tagline flow throughout. Consistency is Key. Be creative, know your customers and how to speak their language. Instead of thinking “how can I sell this client,” think, “how can I prove myself to this client.”  

Different platforms often attract different target audiences, so speaking to each slightly differently is okay. But ensure the messages, goals, and values are all consistent. If your Facebook page supports a cause or is promoting something, make sure your LinkedIn does too or at least doesn’t have a contradictory message. 

If you effectively do all these steps and follow the same formula for each and maintain consistency, these are the basics to building a solid brand image and online identity. Once your customers see you offering digital value and encouraging them to digitally engage with you, your audience’s loyalty will increase. You can also track engagement and brand growth through most digital platforms. 




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