From Lima to L.A.

Despite his own lack of role models, Diego Torres-Palma has blazed a path that other entrepreneurs can follow Peruvian-American entrepreneur, real estate developer, and co-host of...
By Alexa Peters,

A Few Shades Greener

2040. That’s the year that scientists believe that Antarctica may have its first ice free summer.  While climate change affects anyone living on the planet, there are huge...
By Gaby M. Rojas,

1954 Project Awards $5 million to Black Leaders

The Cleveland Avenue Foundation for Education [CAFE Group]—will award five $1 million grants to Black leaders in education during the 1954 Project Luminary Awards on April 28....
By Gaby M. Rojas,

How Networking Contributes to the Wage Gap

“How bad could it be? I chuckled to myself as I clicked ‘Confirm Changes’ on my Instagram profile.  I had recently gotten off a call with a mentor who suggested that,...
By Gaby M. Rojas,
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