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Advertising Solutions to Boost Your Visibility, Grow Your Sales, and Stake Your Claim in the Market - All Without Breaking the Bank!

As a diverse or woman-owned business, you’ve overcome countless hurdles to bring your vision to life. You've shown true grit, determination, and resilience. But there's one challenge that seems insurmountable, a silent battle many entrepreneurs face — visibility.

And, for several reasons, it seems you just can’t achieve it.


 You feel drained and lack the time and resources to invest in marketing your business.

 You wrestle with tight marketing budgets.

 You’re out there sailing the tumultuous seas without a clear marketing strategy.

 You’re on an endless quest for that golden lead generation tactic.

 You’re desperately seeking knowledge and experience in digital marketing.

But, despite all of your failures or roadblocks, you still aim for the stars, wanting to build a shining, highly visible brand.

MBE Magazine gets it. That's why we've crafted our Diverse Business Spotlight packages — to spotlight your business and bring it to the forefront of the right audience — YOUR audience.

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Affordable Pricing

Don't break your bank! Our quality advertising solutions are priced to meet every budget.

Comprehensive Solutions

Each offering includes the most effective pieces for content marketing.

We Do The Work

Save on hiring costs and work with a vetted team ready to create the content and the digital marketing that will guide your business growth.

The Diverse Business Spotlight helps minority and women entrepreneurs showcase their companies in attention-grabbing context. Whether you want to drum up new customers, seek investors, or find the most qualified people for your team--it's all easier with the Diverse Business Spotlight.

Spotlight Your Business

With your own dedicated page on mbemag.com, present your business on a trusted platform and allow potential clients to find you more easily. Include your video(s), spotlight article(s), links to your website, social media platforms, and contact information so the world can connect with your brand across all channels.

Why Choose MBE Magazine?

We are the content authority for diverse business advancement.

We understand how overwhelming it is to operate the day-to-day of the business while navigating the marketing landscape to get your company noticed so that you get more leads and sales.

We also know how it feels to struggle getting attention and visibility for your product or service offering despite all of the hard work you put into developing it.

Now, imagine a steady stream of quality leads in your inbox and your phone buzzing with potential clients.

MBE magazine can help make that happen.

We've helped hundreds of diverse-owned businesses and diversity corporate entities, like yours, increase their brand visibility through storytelling and advertising.

Our Diverse Business Spotlight packages are not just another advertising solution; they're a lifeline to businesses fighting for visibility in a crowded market.

We're not just marketers; we're your partners. We do the hard work so you can focus on what you do best — running your business.

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Increase Visibility

Help customers who are looking for the product and services you provide, find your business with a search-optimized profile and copy.

Boost Credibility

Take advantage of your dedicated presence at MBE Magazine, the content authority for diverse business advancement, and spotlight your business in a credible environment.

Generate Revenue

Increase revenue by generating more quality leads and prospects through online search.

MBE magazine is an impactful publication for diverse businesses, and we are grateful for their support in promoting our company. Working in an industry that lacks diversity, MBE magazine has helped InfraPros gain exposure as we continue our mission to provide superior solutions to our clients.

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How About Amplifying Your Reach to 30,000 Engaged Consumers Each Month, All While Unleashing Untapped Potential?

Our platform reaches over 30,000 people monthly. It's an engaged, invested, and diverse demographic eager to support businesses like yours. And with our monthly reporting metrics, you can see who is interacting with your ads, opening up new avenues you may not have previously considered.

When you select one of our Diverse Business Spotlight packages, you're not just gaining visibility; you're joining a reputable platform that champions diversity and excellence. Let our reputation elevate yours.

How Diverse Business Spotlight Works

Choose Your Package

Determine the level of engagement that you want for your business.

Create Content

We create digital content and marketing campaigns, driving relevant traffic for your content.

Get Results

Monthly reporting lets you see who's engaging with your content.

Let Us Be Your Guide

At MBE magazine, we know that you want to be a a leader in your niche and generate quality leads. In order to do that, you need to be visible to potential customers. The problem is you don't know how to effectively market your business. And honestly, you just don't have the time nor the resources to do so, which makes you feel frustrated and overwhelmed. We believe you CAN overcome all of these roadblocks.

We understand the difficulties in getting noticed in a crowded marketing landscape, which is why we can help your message slice through the chatter and connect with your customers.

Here’s how we do it:
1. You choose one of our Diverse Business Spotlight advertising packages.
2. Together, we create multi-platform content that engages your audience but resides on our platforms. And, we get to work driving traffic to your content.
3. We send you monthly reports showing who is engaging with your brand.

That’s it? Yes, you don’t worry about driving traffic or creating content. We do all of that for you. And YOU own the content that we produce.

Once your content is created and placed on our platform, you’re free to use it in any of your marketing. Basically, we do the content creation and the marketing, freeing you to focus on the nuts-and-bolts of running your business!

We’re not only your content creators and distributors. We’re your content marketing agency but with a twist — we create, distribute, and platform it so you don't have to.

So, go on and click the link to choose your package. You can stop wrestling with the lack of time and resources to invest in marketing your business and instead let us help you build a shining, highly visible brand that generates quality leads.

Boost Your Business with These Stellar Features

Spotlight Articles for Your Venture: Get your venture the spotlight it deserves. We work with you to create engaging, SEO-friendly articles outlining your business's unique journey, its benefits, and what the future holds. Simply answer our thought-provoking questions and our skillful writers will weave your story into a compelling narrative of up to 500 words, proofread and perfected for our style.

Inclusion in Diverse Business Spotlight Section of MBE's Print Magazine: Amplify your reach with a spot in our Diverse Business Spotlight section. It's a chance to inspire potential customers and clients with your entrepreneurial spirit.

Newsletter Showcase: Shine brighter by having your product or service featured in our bi-weekly newsletter, MBE Pulse. Reaching over 10,000 eager subscribers, this inclusion not only broadens your audience but also connects you with an engaged, quality-driven community, offering a strong opportunity to capture their attention and pique their interest.

728x90 Banner Ad: Add some sizzle to your campaign with a run of site display ad on mbemag.com. Display ads are really good at grabbing your attention; they are like billboards — but for the internet. One of the incredible benefits of display advertising is that it enables you to target your ideal customers based on their browsing behavior and other demographic data.

Social Media Recognition: Earn credible exposure with a shoutout on our Facebook page and exclusive LinkedIn group. Instantly connect with an audience keen to engage with diverse businesses like yours, helping to build awareness, trust, and credibility while saving you precious resources from audience targeting.

And every single package we offer is supercharged with a video feature, carefully crafted to maximize your visibility.

Visual learning is a powerful tool, and we leverage it to its full potential, be it through a Demo Video that creates trust and boosts conversion rates, a Brand Video that narrates your story and hooks your audience, or a Promo Video that showcases your business and amplifies your sales.

With video in your arsenal, prepare to witness a tangible increase in conversion rates and embark on a journey of dynamic growth.

Ready to Propel Your Business Forward? Explore Four Tailor-Made Options to Fuel Your Brand's Momentum

We offer four unique, three-month Diverse Business Spotlight packages tailored to suit different budgets and engagement levels. Whether you're a fledgling startup looking to make your mark or an established business seeking to solidify your presence, we have a package designed just for you.

Our Launch package is perfect for businesses seeking to build initial awareness. With this introductory package, you get a 30-second video and 500-word spotlight article on mbemag.com, and inclusion in the Diverse Business Spotlight section of our print magazine.

Next up is the Boost package, designed for businesses aiming for brand recognition. We offer a 1-minute video or two 30-second videos and a 500-word spotlight article on mbemag.com, and inclusion in the Diverse Business Spotlight section of our print magazine.

The Sprint package is ideal for businesses seeking top-of-mind recall. It includes all the features of the Boost package but instead of one spotlight article, you get two opportunities to dig deeper into your brand story, plus a product/service spotlight in our biweekly newsletter and a rotating banner ad (728x90) on mbemag.com.

Our premium package, the Accelerate, is for businesses looking to dominate their niche. You get a comprehensive suite of advertising tools including a 1:30-minute video or three 30-second videos, three 500-word spotlight articles, a rotating banner ad (728x90) on mbemag.com, plus a product/service spotlight in our biweekly newsletter, and more.

Your business deserves to shine. It's time to move out of the shadows and step into the spotlight. We're here to help you launch, boost, sprint, and accelerate your journey to success.

Don't delay. Unleash the full potential of your business with MBE magazine's Diverse Business Spotlight packages today!

And the best part is that you don’t have to pay all at once. We have a payment plan that your wallet will love!

Choose the package that suits you, and let's get started on this exciting journey together. We're just a click away. Your audience is waiting. Can they see you? They will now.

With MBE magazine, your business is always in the spotlight. Always shining. Always visible.

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