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Ralph Weaver

Ralph Weaver

A heart-led leader  A heart-led leader is someone who puts purpose and passion over profit and who measures success on how they impact others, individually and collectively....
By Mona Terrell Wallace,
Lou Rod Cueva

Lou Rod Cueva

Raising the (beauty) bar. Imagine waiting in line to speak with a corporate representative at a trade show, and while you’re waiting, someone applies your makeup and another...
By Tanya Isley,

Making a Difference

Sharon Reynolds continues a family legacy of achievement, excellence and entrepreneurship. For years, scientists and government officials have warned the public about threats to...
By Tanya Isley,

A Framework for Continued Success

A closer look at a Houston-based firm’s development into a trusted consulting partner. Myrtle Consulting Group is a leading operations consulting firm, headquartered in...
By Che’ McFerrin,
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