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How to Help Employees Become Too Blessed to Be Stressed

BCH’s AMEN Corner – Affluent Minority Entrepreneur News Did you know that employees spend, on average, three hours per week addressing financial difficulties they face at...
By Sidney T. Curry and Saundra Curry,
Two hands holding tax documents with other papers on a desk.

What is One of the Best Tax Breaks for Businesses?

Most business owners are aware of depreciation for equipment and the significant role it plays in minimizing tax liability. However, did you know that the same tax breaks are...
By Sidney T. Curry and Saundra Curry,

Budgeting Tips for New Entrepreneurs

As Natasha Munson writes in “Life Lessons for My Sisters: How to Make Wise Choices and Live a Life You Love!,” “Money, like emotions, is something you must control to keep...
By Contessa Rendon,
Black woman sitting table with man in yellow sweater with back to camera.

Five Year-End Tax Planning Strategies

So, we’ve finally reached the fourth quarter (Q4) and there’s one thing that should definitely be on your to-do list before the year is out, some proactive tax planning...
By MBE Magazine Staff,
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