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The Chronicles of a Black Woman Business Owner

Four years ago, I founded Buy From a Black Woman (BFABW), a non-profit organization that helps ensure that Black women have the tools and resources—such as educational programs,...
By Nikki Porcher,
Black woman standing up in boardroom talking to seated group of black women.

10 Ways to Support Black Entrepreneurship

At the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), our role is to support entrepreneurs in achieving their dream of owning a business. We celebrate the incredible contributions that...
By Michael Vallante,

To Our Daughters: Play in Dirt & Dream Big

The conversation is always the same. I meet someone new, we stray into the career conversation and then a variation on this exchange happens:             New Person:...
By Athena Chiera,

Billionaires, Philanthropy, and MBE Development

The first day of April is the day when practical jokesters tell you things like, “I know the number you play and guess what? You won the lottery last night,” or ‘I saw your...
By Fred McKinney, Ph.D.,

Innovate or Die

MBEs must become world-class innovators in order to survive. I just finished reading the eponymous book Elon Musk, by Ashlee Vance. The book chronicles the...
By Fred McKinney, Ph.D.,
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