Prosper Academy

MBE Magazine and Prosper Academy (a division of Prosper Digital TV) have teamed up to share a series of short, informational video segments based on financial literacy. These segments feature business experts, giving owners and entrepreneurs insights to help understand and drive their financial success.


What Does Your Credit Score Mean?

What goes into creating a credit score? What factors should you pay attention to? Credit expert Nate Higgins gives you the rundown and percentages on exactly what’s in your credit score, and how it is created.

Who and What are Credit Bureaus?

How many Credit Bureaus are there? Did you know their reports can be different? Who are these agencies and how do you make sure what they say is right — and how to fix it if not? Take control. Credit expert Nate Higgins shares how.

What Are The Benefits of Good Credit?

What is a FICO score, and what’s a good number to have? What does the score mean for your ability to get loans? Credit expert Nate Higgins gives a full breakdown of credit score levels, and what you can expect the impact of each score on your business.


Five Stock Market Tips for Beginning Investors

What are the most important things to consider when investing in the stock market? What to look out for, what to avoid, and what tips to help investors build confidence. Investing expert Atul Prashar has five tips for new investors.

Five Ways to Help Finance Your Startup

If you are having trouble getting traditional bank financing for your start-up business, it can seem like you are stuck. Investing expert Atul Prashar shares a list of five ways to get the capital you need to get your business started.


Five Ways to Maximize Your Tax Refund

Taking the right approach to your taxes can make all the difference. Investing expert Atul Preshar shares a list of things to do to help maximize your tax refund and to take advantage of tax regulations to help your business thrive.