Black Female Founders Create Culturally Responsive Space for Black Women to Receive Affordable Mental Wellness Support


A global pandemic, the unlawful killings of women like Breonna Taylor, Black Lives Matter protests, and workplace microaggressions, it’s no secret that Black women have a harder time, but still an even greater expectation to be the “strong” one for herself and the people she supports. Because of this, the need for culturally responsive mental wellness support has skyrocketed. MoodWellth, a digital mental wellness company for Black women by Black women was created to provide adequate and timely mental wellness support.

MoodWellth was created by Lynnette Price and Renee Patterson during the heart of the pandemic and Black Lives Matters protests. The app officially launched in May of 2022 as a response to what was happening in the world and for Black women with or without a diagnosis, who find it hard to engage with mainstream services. Price, who is a hypnotherapist and health coach has been an advocate for establishing affordable mental wellness support for Black people for over a decade.

“Though the suicide rate has gone down in general, it has increased for Black people. With increased racial trauma on top of a pandemic, the need for Black women who are often the caregivers for our families, to have mental wellness strategies specific to our experiences has also increased,” says Price.

In addition to app features like one of the largest mental wellness virtual libraries for Black women by Black women, MoodWellth also has a product line to assist them on their wellness journey and they can even schedule one on one sessions with highly trained experts in the fields of psychology, social work, grief coaches, life coaches, fitness experts, nutritionists and even style. The best part is that these experts are women who look like them. Patterson, who is co-founder and chief creative officer, wanted to visually create a space where Black women felt truly represented.

“From the colors of the app to the many different hues of our skin, I wanted to design a virtual home where Black women felt like they belonged as soon as they opened the app,” says Patterson.

According to the Global Wellness Institute, there has been a demand for more inclusivity in the virtual therapy app and digital mental wellness platforms designed to support the emotional well-being of Black people. Both the pandemic and Black Lives Matter movement has made it necessary for Black people to seek ways that not only feel effective but safe for them to address their growing mental health concerns. Innovative digital mental wellness platforms like MoodWellth is the answer.

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