Black Web Fest Awards Over $20,000 to Black Creators

Gaby M. Rojas

In April, Black Web Fest, a non-profit organization highlighting Black creators, launched the Black Web Fest x Web Monetization program to educate creators about web monetization. Through the program, the organization is providing several independent Black filmmakers unrestricted grant funding and marketing support.

“We created this program out of necessity. As venues, businesses, and in-person events shuttered during the pandemic; many Black creators struggled economically. Due to the digital divide, some artists did not have access to technology, the internet, or the skills to transition from traditional methods. Through this program, we provided over 40 Black filmmakers the tools to monetize their work online” says Victoria Coker, founder of Black Web Fest.

This year marks Black Web Fest’s sixth annual festival, which will be held from September 30 to October 1. The event will also feature films and series from the web monetization program. To learn more about Black Web Fest 2022, visit:

Here is the list of Black Web Fest x Web Monetization program grantees:

Web Series
Shoutout 2 My Therapist, Stefanie Philpott


QuaranDream!, Jeffrey Elizabeth Copeland

Marooned, Christopher Lamadieu

Short Films
Hide & Seek, Ajoké Adebesin

LOOP, Ivan Mbakop

VICTUS, Yolanda Ross

Church: A Film by Mac Infinity, BDe’Auan (de-on) McClaine

Boxed, Wanjiru Njendu

One Hundred Days and Thinking, Conrad Khalil

REAL MEN DON’T…: An exploration of modern manhood and masculinity., Elton Loud

Why I Turf”, formally “Turfin, Latiece Brown

A grant from the Interledger Foundation funded the Black Web Fest x Web Monetization program. The Interledger Foundation is a non-profit advocate for the web, promoting innovation, creativity, and inclusion by advancing open payment standards and technologies that seamlessly connect the global society.




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