Fashion Assembly Launches Industrial Space Solution for Minority Beauty And Fashion Brands

Gaby M. Rojas
A large warehouse - Fashion Assembly Launches Industrial Space Solution for Minority Beauty And Fashion Brands

Fashion Assembly debuted a high-quality industrial solution for minority-owned beauty and fashion e-commerce businesses looking for a well-suited and scalable warehouse/office space. Fashion Assembly is a member’s-only, 16,000-square-foot facility at the heart of the LA Art District. Fashion Assembly is a premiere warehouse, office, and workspace providing an ideal blend of adaptable office space, community involvement, and logistics assistance explicitly designed for BIPOC beauty and fashion brands.

In response to the increasing demand for emerging minority beauty and fashion e-commerce businesses, Fashion Assembly offers short-term agreements for spaces ranging from 100 to 2,500 square feet at its newly launched arts district location. Fashion Assembly gives business owners peace of mind and lets them focus on growth instead of bad spaces, bad locations, and expensive long-term leases.

The Founders of Fashion Assembly, Brian Pearson, a franchise development broker, and Anje Collins, a former celebrity entertainment publicist, collaborated to launch Coco Blue Shoes, a successful shoe brand in Los Angeles, during the pandemic. Having experienced the challenges that stem from running an e-commerce business from home, they understand the difficulties of growing an e-commerce business first-hand.

“Our goal is to help our members grow their businesses and reach their ideal customers all over the world by providing them with the operational resources and knowledge they need,” says Pearson. Furthermore, he adds, “There is strength in numbers. As a result, Fashion Assembly gives our members the space and support they require to compete with the big boys.”

Fashion Assembly provides combined warehousing, offices, and production areas all under one roof to benefit small and diversely owned beauty and fashion businesses. Members of Fashion Assembly can grow and scale their businesses with the help of a flexible infrastructure. This includes everything from workspaces and warehouses to order management, fulfillment, marketing, and public relations.

Businesses seeking membership with Fashion Assembly undergo an application process. The goal of this method is to identify members who are serious about growing their brand. As a result, the sole focus of Fashion Assembly is on underrepresented groups in the beauty and fashion industries. The Fashion Assembly will provide these individuals with the resources they need to succeed.

According to Collins, “there are many challenges when launching a brand created by a person of color.” “We started in our living room, storage unit, and two industrial locations and outgrew them all, so I understand how difficult and expensive it can be to run an e-commerce business.” All memberships are month-to-month and include amenities such as high-speed internet, reception services, community events, shared common spaces for members to socialize and network, and growth support. Members of the Fashion Assembly have access to direct-to-consumer business necessities such as grade-level doors, enterprise-level equipment, shipping, and receiving. There are also co-working spaces, conference rooms, showrooms, and a photography studio available for use as needed.

Fashion Assembly is essentially a one-stop shop for e-commerce beauty and fashion brands.

Because the Fashion Assembly is concerned with underrepresented groups in the beauty and fashion industries, it will provide these individuals with the resources they require to be successful.




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