Info-Tech LIVE 2023: Keynote Speakers and Agenda

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Info-Tech LIVE 2023 will be hosted at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas from September 19 to 21, 2023. (CNW Group/Info-Tech Research Group)

Global IT research and advisory firm Info-Tech Research Group has announced additional keynote speakers to headline Info-Tech LIVE, the firm’s highly anticipated annual three-day conference. Taking place from September 19 to 21, 2023, at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, the final agenda for the conference has been revealed, which includes dedicated sessions for Black Professionals in IT as well as Women in IT. The conference is specifically tailored for IT executives who play a crucial role in shaping technology decisions, driving institutional adoption, and fostering innovation within their organizations.

Info-Tech LIVE 2023 will be hosted at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas from September 19 to 21, 2023. (CNW Group/Info-Tech Research Group)

With a diverse agenda featuring insightful talks from industry experts, explorative case studies, engaging workshops, and exclusive one-on-one sessions with research analysts, Info-Tech LIVE 2023 is set to deliver a truly engaging and informative experience for technology leaders.

“We take great delight in presenting the agenda for Info-Tech LIVE 2023, an annual gathering of the industry’s most brilliant thinkers and seasoned professionals,” says Gord Harrison, senior vice president of research and advisory at Info-Tech Research Group.Info-Tech LIVE, now with the full agenda revealed, represents a critical juncture for IT leaders. The event offers an in-person platform for leaders to delve into a journey of innovative exploration, experience the pulse of technological advancement, and understand the transformative insights that can propel their organization toward unprecedented success.”

The latest special keynote speakers expected at LIVE 2023 include the following names:

  • Allison Straker – Research Director, CIO Practice, Info-Tech Research Group
    Allison is an IT professional with 20 years of experience aligning business and IT through relationship management, business analysis, consulting, and user experience. As a Research Director at Info-Tech, she is passionate about how users experience technology and enjoys enabling people and businesses to support changes and opportunities.
  • Amanda Mathieson – Research Director, CIO Practice, Info-Tech Research Group
    Amanda brings 20 years of expertise in leadership development, organizational change management, and performance and talent management. She takes a practical, experiential approach to people and leadership development that is grounded in adult learning methodologies and leadership theory.
  • Darren Hubbard – VP of IT, CIO, Georgia Institue of Technology
    An award-winning technology leader, Daren has more than 25 years of experience in higher education and strategic leadership. With a demonstrated history in application development, project management, analytics, and mobile technology, Daren’s current focus includes continuous improvement, digital transformation, technology governance, operational excellence, and innovative technologies.
  • Spot – Boston Dynamics
    Spot is an agile, four-legged mobile robot that features advanced autonomy and unprecedented mobility. With its remote operation and autonomous sensing capabilities, Spot helps organizations automate routine inspection tasks and data capture for safer, more efficient operations. With a recent ChatGPT upgrade, Spot is proof that you can teach an old dog new tricks. 
  • Tom Zehren – Chief Product Officer, Info-Tech Research Group
    Tom leads the Product and Research Agenda at Info-Tech. He is a thought leader on Exponential IT, with deep expertise in building successful IT products and businesses, providing strategic advice to CxOs, and teaching and researching in academia.
  • Ugbad Farah – Senior Product Manager, Industry, Info-Tech Research Group
    Responsible for the development and quality of Info-Tech’s Industry products, Ugbad brings a strong background in project, program, portfolio, and organizational change management, as well as implementations of project management offices. She was previously a project manager for enterprise software implementations in higher education.

To view the previously announced keynote speakers, please review the following press releases:

Black Professionals in IT Agenda at LIVE 2023:

“After meeting with many of our Black members at last year’s conference, I’m pleased that Info-Tech LIVE will be hosting a Black Professionals in IT track for the first time at this year’s event,” says Ugbad Farah, senior product manager at Info-Tech Research Group. “This track will have interactive discussions and insightful perspectives on some pertinent topics that will no doubt benefit IT professionals from all backgrounds. We are proud to shine a spotlight on the expertise and experiences of Black professionals in IT. We welcome everyone to join us at the sessions and networking events.”

 Info-Tech LIVE 2023 Black Professionals in IT track will feature three key sessions for attendees. The sessions include the following:

  • AI for All! – Recognizing and Mitigating Bias in Technology
    This panel discussion explores ideas and strategies to ensure fair and inclusive artificial intelligence systems. The talk will address inherent biases and promote equitable access and opportunities for all.
  • Empowering Ethics in AI – An Open Roundtable Forum Discussing Bias in AI
    A roundtable discussion will take place after the AI for All! panel to provide an open forum to share insights, experiences, and recommendations for promoting ethics in AI. The event welcomes individuals from all backgrounds interested in gaining insights into the ethical dimensions of AI and leveraging diverse perspectives to create a more inclusive and equitable technological future.
  • Advancing Your Career in a New Technology Landscape – A Different Perspective on Adapting to Exponential IT
    This panel discussion on Advancing Your Career in a New Technology Landscape will bring together Black industry leaders to share insights and strategies on how to thrive amidst evolving technological advancements. Attendees will discover the keys to adaptability, upskilling, and navigating emerging fields, empowering them with the tools to shape a successful and fulfilling career in the ever-changing tech industry.

Women in IT Agenda at LIVE 2023:

Info-Tech LIVE 2023 will also feature the following two sessions for the returning Women in IT track:

  • Leadership Lessons From an Irish Lass – The Pivotal Role of Women in Leadership

This dynamic keynote will focus on the unique role that women leaders need to play, featuring the insights of Helen Norris. Having arrived in the US from Ireland in the 1980s, Norris has an extensive background in information technology across both the corporate landscape and higher education.

  • The Hidden Lives of Women in STEM – Charting Your Own Path to Career Success
    An engaging dialogue that will delve into the lives, values, and strengths of women in STEM, exploring three pivotal lessons unearthed through extensive research. This interactive session will be led by author Lori Rodriguez, who gleaned these insights for her book, “Hidden Lives of Women in STEM.”

Info-Tech LIVE 2023 will offer an unparalleled experience that will shape the future of IT. This year’s theme of Exponential IT focuses on three core subjects – Operational Excellence, Digital Transformation and Innovation, and Leading Through Change. With over 160 sessions, more than 11 renowned speakers, and 20 technology keynotes, LIVE 2023 is set to be the largest event in Info-Tech’s history.IT leaders and professionals interested in attending can visit Info-Tech’s event page to learn more or to reserve a seat for Info-Tech LIVE in Las Vegas. Media interested in attending in person or virtually covering the insights that will be revealed at this year’s conference can contact Sufyan Al-Hassan at




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