Missed the first wave of digital wealth? Here’s why it may not matter…

Tanya Isley
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There’s a major shift taking place in advertising. And it has some shrewd investors chomping at the bit to get rich!  

You see, gone may be the days of finding customers through traditional channels like Radio, TV, and Print.

Digital advertising is quickly becoming the go-to channel for marketers looking to connect with consumers worldwide.

In fact, nearly half of the $214.6 billion spent on U.S. advertising this year, will be spent on digital advertising (social media, mobile ads, websites, etc).  

The speed of the market takeover has been simply astonishing.

And what’s even more impressive, eMarketer says that out of that half, almost 70% of all money spent on digital ads, will go to three companies:

Google…Facebook…and Amazon.

With their pinpoint accuracy and massive scale, other advertising channels like Radio, Television, and Print, just can’t compete.

And as you can imagine, that early dominance in the digital advertising space contributed to incredible outperformance. Early investors in the old guard of digital advertising have made a fortune — racking up 600%+, 3,600%+, even 180,000%+ gains!

But here’s the thing…

Those giants already receive the lion’s share of the ad revenue — nearly 70%, remember?

As great as these companies are, for investors looking to make a fortune…how much more can be squeezed from those behemoths?

Probably, not nearly as much wealth as investors could have seen ten or twenty years ago.

So, if you missed out on getting a piece of those Facebook or Google returns… I have some good news for you.

We think the new money may not be in the 70%…but it’s in what The Motley Fool calls “The Forgotten 30”.

These are all the companies receiving the other 30% of the digital advertising windfall. A total market value that equates to nearly $33 billion – for now.

You see, these companies are creating tremendous advertising value on their digital platforms…but aren’t as big, just yet.

And that could mean a massive growth runway for early investors!

Like this one tiny social media company (just 1/15th the size of Facebook as I write this).

Our team discovered that at the time of its IPO, nearly 40% of all internet users in the US were engaged with its platform!

For context, Facebook – one of the largest digital advertising platforms – has about 60% of internet users.

And I have no doubt that as this still-small social media company starts raking in the advertising money… well, let’s just say I don’t think it will be in the “Forgotten 30” for much longer.

Because while this “Forgotten 30” company may be flying under many people’s radars, it’s still growing.  As of today, it has over 459 million users worldwide…a billion dollars in cash…and zero debt!

So, if you’re an investor looking to make a fortune on the next wave of digital wealth, I think you can’t afford to ignore this hidden gem.

We’d hate for you to miss this opportunity….

… which is why our investment team recently put together a time-sensitive report, “10 Stocks for 2021”. In this free report, you’ll discover the name of the under-the-radar company I’ve been telling you about, plus nine other stocks we believe have the potential to make investors rich.

However, this free report is only available members of our Stock Advisor community.

I urge you see for yourself if this stock is right for your portfolio.

Because who knows when an opportunity like this will come around again?

And honestly, if you’re worried about getting Stock Advisor and it’s not for you, it comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

So…you can download the free report, read the analysis on all ten stocks inside it… and still cancel if it isn’t for you.

But again, please discover all of this for yourself. Click the link below to see how you can claim your free report.

Do you know which stock we’re talking about? If not, click here to find out.




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