Women Impact Tech Honors Impactful DEI Programs

Last updated on March 16th, 2022 08:15 pm

Women Impact Tech has released its first-ever Women Impact Tech 100 list, honoring the 100 top organizations where diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) statements go above and beyond to foster an equitable and thriving workplace environment for women. Coinciding with International Women’s Day, the Women Impact Tech 100 highlights the most innovative, groundbreaking tech companies that prioritize DEI initiatives in their company foundation—making it clear through tangible action that diversity is a key contributor to overall company success.

The best of the progressive companies who prioritize DEI make up the 2022 Women Impact Tech 100. The list was compiled after extensive research and review using public data, including employee feedback on workplace culture for women and other under-represented groups, company benefits and perks, and dedicated DEI efforts.

The tech industry lags tremendously in achieving workplace equity for women when it comes to hiring and retaining diverse talent. Roughly 25 percent of all jobs in tech are held by women; this number gets smaller when looking at more skilled areas like developers, software engineers and leadership positions. The Women Impact Tech 100 gives hope that companies are prioritizing DEI efforts and reconfiguring the industry for a more just and inclusive future.

“DEI statements are just words. Good DEI programs add meaning to those words through their actions. These top 100 companies are doing the right things we know make a difference in the ability for women to not only have meaningful careers, but offer a culture where women can thrive,” says Women Impact Tech President Paula Ratliff; “The Women Impact Tech 100 honorees are helping to further change the way women are viewed in the tech industry.”

See the full list of the Women Impact Tech 100 here: https://womenimpacttech.com/wit-100