Balu Organics Play Ball Pits Creates a $1 Million Business for a Black Mom

Gaby M. Rojas
Toddlers are naturally attracted to Balu Organics ball pits, which encourage safe and creative playtime while nurturing their growing curiosities about the world around them. The pits help their physical and mental development, from crawling to walking.

When parents see how much fun toddlers have playing and diving into Balu Organics foam ball play pits, they know they have to get one for their little ones, too. 

“Ball pits can be a unique part of playtime for toddlers and can help nurture their natural creativeness and curiosity,” says Balu Organics Founder Danielle Spencer.

As a working mom, Spencer discovered the environmentally friendly foam toy that provided hours of fun and entertainment for her own young daughter and knew it was a winner.

She founded Balu Organics, a black-owned business that started online from her basement during the height of the pandemic in 2020, now revenue is set to hit seven figures.

Her products provide a safe and fun play activity, so parents can get much-needed rest, free time, or most likely cross off chores from their never-ending to-do lists.

Balu Organics was born out of the desire to give Spencer’s daughter a unique product that challenged her physical and mental growth while satisfying her boundless curiosity.

Spencer also puts her daughter to work as the main model in all her marketing materials, so she gets to spend time with her as she works on the business and sees how she reacts to new products firsthand.

“Now demand is so high, we’re set to sell $1 million, only after 18 months. After navigating all the perils and pitfalls that cause many small businesses to fail, we’ve expanded into a 2,500 square foot warehouse, and we’re looking at moving into a bigger place,” Spencer says.

Her cloth-covered foam play pits are filled with soft cuddly play balls, so toddlers can safely dive in without getting hurt. Toddlers who are still crawling can also stand up in the play pits, using the edge of the pits as a handrail guide.

Toddlers are naturally attracted to the ball pits, which encourage safe and creative playtime while nurturing their growing curiosities about the world around them. The pits help their physical and mental development, from crawling to walking.

Besides play ball pits, Balu Organics also sells playmats, and will soon be diversifying into baby couches and ball pits of different shapes.

“We sell top-of-the-line foam products locally sourced from Ontario, Canada that adhere to strict North American safety regulations. Parents trust us because we only sell products that our own children would use,” said Spencer.

Balu Organics is also CertiPUR-US certified and known for its excellent customer service.

Offering a quality product with attentive customer service has paid off—most of her U.S. and Canadian customers are from word-of-mouth. She has more than 150 positive reviews alone on Etsy, and social media influencers have raved about her product.

Her products were selected by bookstore Indigo as one of the finalists of their Mini Marché program that supports local Canadian businesses. Balu Organics has also been featured in several articles, including The New York Post, Vanity Fair, Fatherly, and BuzzFeed.

As a healthier alternative to polyethylene foam, Balu Organics offers an environmentally friendly green soy-based high-resiliency foam option called Koosh, which is safe and doesn’t emit harmful chemicals.

The green foam is also 100 percent organic, so it can be composted and is exclusively available only at Balu Organics. The brand is the only company in North America offering this product.

“Moms and parents always have a soft spot for their kids, so they’re willing to spend a little more for a great product like this. Grandparents and people attending baby showers are also buying our product as gifts,” Spencer says.

“Our daughter started playing in the ball pit at three months old when we started the business, and she never got bored. You can also watch how your baby grows and progresses over time, from laying in the pit to standing up,” said Spencer.

Balu Organics creates products that will still delight and entertain your baby at every stage and are also available online at Best Buy, Indigo, Etsy, and The Tot.”From tummy time to first climb, we’re committed to making sure you have the best and most beautiful options for your little one’s developmental playtime. If you have any questions, please review the Balu Organics website or contact me directly,” says Spencer.




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