Crowdfundingroadmap Survive & Thrive Summit Sponsored by Microsoft

Last updated on July 15th, 2020 04:12 pm

To educate small business owners in the crowdfunding process to help survive this pandemic and recession.

The world’s economy has entered uncharted waters. Many small businesses are imperiled by diminished sales and the drying up of government and bank programs. At this moment it’s critical that public institutions and private enterprise step up to help struggling small businesses who still need funding.

To help navigate these dangerous new circumstances Crowdfundingroadmap is launching “Crowdfundingroadmap Survive & Thrive Summit 2020, Sponsored by Microsoft” on August 6th, 1:00 pm EDT / 10:00 am PDT, a virtual summit and collaboration of the Microsoft Corporation 
Director of Supplier Diversity Fernando Hernandez and Ruth E. Hedges Crowdfundingroadmap founder, (“Queen of Crowdfunding”) and industry pioneer of Equity Crowdfunding. 

“The focus of our virtual event will be to introduce the many ways of Crowdfunding: rewards, equity, and donation, that have the ability to bring a new pool of billions of dollars to minority, women, veterans, and LGBTQ-owned businesses and startups. We want to educate those new to the process of crowdfunding so they can survive during this pandemic and recession,” said Ruth E. Hedges.

Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project, new venture or small business by raising small amounts of money from a large number of fans, followers, and customers via the Internet and if done correctly can be a lifeline for hundreds of thousands of businesses that are struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic.

To that end, the company has partnered with the following organizations to offer their members and all small businesses and startups a virtual crowdfunding event: 

USHCC – United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
WPO – The Women Presidents’ Organization 
NVBDC – National Veteran Business Development Council
IWEC Foundation
WBENC – Women’s Business Enterprise National Council
NMSDC – National Minority Supplier Development Council
NGLCC – National LGBT Chamber of Commerce 

“The impact of the Coronavirus pandemic has created an economic crisis for the small businesses that are the heart and soul of our economy and our supplier diversity programs. Many are in need of access to capital to manage through this crisis. We are grateful to our partners for recognizing the need and joining together with us to educate their members in this powerful process of crowdfunding,” said Fernando Hernandez.

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The event will be on the Microsoft Teams platform.