Latest Pepper Miller Book Shares Blueprint for Black Consumer Outreach

Gaby M. Rojas

Reaching the Black consumer can be daunting if those trying to make a connection lack the depth, heft or the information-gathering skills required to capture their loyalty and coveted dollars. Those stymied about how to execute a campaign targeted to this valuable segment can now turn to a must-read book for perspectives, insights, and proven-effective strategies. The book, Let Me Explain Black Again, by award-winning market researcher Pepper Miller, provides a blueprint on how to understand, appreciate, navigate and, execute successful campaigns that appeal to Blacks. The overarching resolve in writing the book is to promote understanding of Black America among business leaders and society, as a whole.

As president of the industry-respected market research firm—The Hunter-Miller Group—Miller brings decades of researching Black America, observing trends, and counseling corporations like AARP, CNN, Bravo, BET, P & G, Walgreens, The Chicago Symphony Orchestra, and more. It is a journey chronicled in her first book What’s Black About It, which she co-authored with the late Herb Kemp and, in Black Still Matters in Marketing, which she authored solo.

With her vast knowledge and instincts, Miller has emerged as the preeminent go-to authority on how to market to Blacks.

From her position atop the industry, her antennae are wired into issues that impact Blacks and promote a broader societal understanding of all things Black.   She is not casting a punitive shadow over white America but is providing information about what makes “Black Black.”  To this end, a dismissive query by a limited-perspective marketer jarred Miller:

“They speak English, don’t they?”

This quote speaks to mainstream America’s long-standing biases and their beliefs that language is a cultural identifier.

Responding to the question, Pepper defiantly retorted:

Yes, I speak English, but are you talking to me?”

With that question as a catalyst, Let Me Explain Black Again addresses the bias behind the question and zones in on the “whys,” “hows” and “how-tos” of understanding and reaching the Black consumer in its totality.

The benefits have a domino effect as business leaders, brands and society then have an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of Black identity, behaviors, and beliefs. As a result, stronger connections can be solidified.

The simple statement that piqued actionable steps was:

“Pepper, I didn’t know.” 

This lament has been directed to Pepper confidentially and coyly by a number of attendees after she wraps a research study, speaking engagement or after her flagship Black insights workshops and presentations.

The “Pepper I didn’t know” reveal is one of the drivers in the book. The other two are:

  • Millennial power: They desire a nation of equality and are on the front lines of political and cultural change. Black Millennials drive Black progress and identity and continue to be highly influential to American culture.
  • Three American disrupters: Trump/COVID/George Floyd collectively, have contributed to America’s A-Ha moment about race and how they view different audiences.

Miller encourages readers to rethink their perceptions of Black by guiding them through a broad range of topics that focus on Black identity.

She explains SEVEN BLINDSPOTS that prevent business leaders from getting it right with their Black customers. She also introduces readers to CULTURAL SHAPESHIFTERS within the Black community who not only influence and support the Black community but are also redefining mainstream cultural norms.

Miller hopes the reader will ‘get’ the sensitivities, and Black cultural nuances that yield authentic connections and win/win relationships with the Black consumer.

Let Me Explain Black Again can be purchased from Amazon, where all books are sold, or by ordering the book by logging on to For more information on Pepper Miller, log on to




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