Marketing Scholarships Announced for COVID-Impacted Small Businesses

Last updated on January 4th, 2021 04:47 pm
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Entrepreneurs may apply for a scholarship in the Digital Marketing Certificate Program and learn to promote their businesses.

The Marketing Education Academy, a non-profit online training center, announces a new scholarship program for COVID-impacted businesses and entrepreneurs.

The Academy will award up to 100 fully paid enrollments in its Digital Marketing Certificate program, with the next training cycle starting on January 28, 2021. A Certificate in Digital Marketing can be earned in just six weeks, with just one evening lecture per week. Students are guided through the curriculum which is available entirely through the online training portal. Recordings will be available if participants cannot attend the lectures.

There are no costs whatsoever for those who are awarded scholarships.

“The scholarship’s purpose is to equip business owners with strategic skills for developing a digital marketing program in the context of ‘new normal’ challenges brought about by the pandemic” stated Academy Founder, Benny Traub.

All small business owners impacted by COVID-19 can apply here. Minority-owned, non-profits, veteran-owned and women-led businesses are especially encouraged to participate.

The curriculum is taught by multiple instructors, all of whom are veteran marketers, showing entrepreneurs how to avoid mistakes and also pointing the way to strategies which are being used successfully everyday by other small businesses. Select graduates of the Academy are also offered the opportunity to work at the Student Marketing Agency. The agency hires experienced marketing students who then gain additional experience performing marketing services for small businesses across the country, who benefit from lower rates than are typically available through a traditional agency.