Peninsula Housing Authority

Last updated on June 3rd, 2020 04:22 pm

Request for Proposals

Legal Services

The Peninsula Housing Authority (PHA) is seeking proposals from legal firms to provide a variety of legal services on an as-needed basis for the next two to five years.  

The PHA will use the criteria listed below, in the priority shown, to make its selection:

  1. Qualifications in the area(s) of service proposed
  2. Experience working with the public sector and specifically, housing authorities or municipal organizations
  3. Fees and charges
  4. Section 3 Plan
  5. Three references submitted with the proposal

Complete proposal packets outlining submittal requirements may be obtained by calling 360-452-7631 ext. *810 or on our website at  All proposals must be submitted to the address below not later than 12:00 noon Monday, June 15, 2020:

Sarah Martinez
Executive Director
2603 S. Francis Street
Port Angeles, WA 98362