Want to Know Where to Invest $1,000, Right Now?

Rex Moore

If you know much about us at the Motley Fool then you probably know how well we’ve done identifying massive technological trends and then finding stocks that can benefit in explosive ways.

Like we did with:

  • Amazon and the e-commerce revolution, our recommendation up +21,819% since we first recommended it September 6th, 2002
  • Or Netflix and the streaming trend, up +30,932% since December 17th, 2004
  • Or Booking Holdings and the online travel explosion, up +9,772% since we recommended it on May 21st, 2004

And all with our calm, diversified, long-term investing approach. We sleep well at night! (And we want you to as well!)

So what are we seeing today that might be the next big world-changing trend?

Well, it’s 5G, which, if our thesis holds up, could be right here… somewhere around this important inflection point.

That would mean it’s potentially poised to explode with opportunity, and I think it could be a great place to invest $1,000 right now. But of course you have to ask… well, which stock?

To answer that, let’s think about why 5G appears to be such a game-changer and what this inflection point could mean.

This chart shows you how some tech sectors like e-commerce accelerated like a rocket just a few months ago, off an inflection point that was the beginning of the lockdown. We call such an inflection point Phase 2… when stock gains that previously took more than a decade of painstaking work are achieved in just weeks of time.

We’ve seen this happen before — and in a more predictable manner — when new technology like the Internet and smartphones hit their own rocket-like Phase 2 inflection points.

Amazing charts, aren’t they? The gains by investors taking advantage could have been phenomenal!

Which brings me to the reason for this message to you today:

I think 5G is sitting near that inflection point for one good reason.

It’s all because of Apple announcing their first-ever 5G iPhones. 

And so… while maybe you’ve heard about 5G in bits and pieces before… it’s now moving into the mainstream, and experts predict it could potentially reach 18-fold growth in 2020 alone and eventually impact $13.2 trillion in global sales on an annual basis.

The numbers behind its potential are simply massive.

By mid-next decade it’s estimated that 5G could enable sales that are 70X greater than all of big data sales in 2019 and 22X greater than sales from all e-commerce last year!

This appears to be a game-changer for investors.

But what to invest in? 

Believe me, I think you could do a lot worse with your $1,000 than investing it in Apple. In fact, consider this my gift to you, a free stock pick that is a current recommendation in many of our services.

But while you consider Apple, there’s something you need to know. 

There might be an even more lucrative way to play the coming 5G iPhone boom.

Let me explain. 

We certainly love Apple here at The Motley Fool.

The Motley Fool has been recommending it to members since back when the iPhone first came out.

And Apple is up 2,789% since we first recommended that members buy shares.

But here’s the problem.

Apple is enormous.

Its market cap is over $1.5 trillion.

It’s very difficult for companies that large to post monster returns.

Apple’s market cap would have to grow to larger than the entire GDP of the United States if it were to increase another 2,789%!

And that’s why—even though we love Apple—we think there might be an even more lucrative way to play the coming iPhone supercycle.

And that brings me to the remarkable company I want to tell you about today.

Because our talented team of analysts have identified a tiny American company (1/500th the size of Apple) that seems perfectly positioned for the coming iPhone supercycle.

Because this under-the-radar Pennsylvania company makes a component so essential to the improvements in Apple’s 5G iPhone—that Apple is expected to include it in every single new iPhone they make. 

And that means that this tiny company could ring the cash-register every single time a new iPhone is sold.

You don’t need to be a math whiz to understand what that kind of sales growth can do to a company’s share price.

And that’s the reason for my message for you today:

Our excitement about a new report from our Motley Fool analysts. 

The name of this report is “5G Supercycle: An investor’s guide to Apple’s next must-have device.”

Inside the report, you’ll find out why we are convinced we’re only in the VERY early days of this smaller company’s trajectory.

Which means there could still be plenty more profit ahead for in-the-know investors who are prepared to take action.

As I mentioned before, we here at The Motley Fool have had a pretty good track record of picking trends before they get big. Take a look at a few of the companies we picked to dominate their field:

  • Netflix, up 30,932%
  • Amazon, up 21,819%
  • Booking Holdings, up 9,772%
  • Walt Disney, up 9,785%

If you’d invested your $1,000 in each of those companies when we recommended them in Stock Advisor, you’d be sitting on $727,086 right now. 

And our new report reveals the reasons why we think every forward-thinking investor should be paying close attention to this revolutionary new industry.

Now this report is free to members of Motley Fool Stock Advisor (the #1 ranked investment newsletter in 2017, 2018, and 2019 according to Wall Street Survivor).

Click below to learn more about your copy of 5G Supercycle, Stock Advisor, and our famous membership-fee-back guarantee… before this offer goes away.

Do you know which stock we’re talking about?


Returns are updated during market hours. John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods Market, an Amazon subsidiary, is a member of The Motley Fool’s board of directors. Rex Moore has no position in any of the stocks mentioned. The Motley Fool owns shares of Amazon, Apple, Booking Holdings, Netflix, and Walt Disney. The Motley Fool has a disclosure policy.

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